Building homes, hope and community in Williamson County.

"The best part of Habitat is not the actual construction of the home, but rather the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many individuals." -Caleb, volunteer

Sponsor a Home

Sponsors are the key to our success. Sponsors can range from corporations and local businesses to the faith community or individuals. A sponsorship consists of providing monetary support (there are different levels of financial support) and volunteers to build a home. A build will last 8-10 weeks. Habitat will provide the construction leadership and promises to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Corporate Sponsorship

Supporting Habitat is a great way for your business to give back to the community and make a positive impact. Not only do we provide a unique volunteer opportunity for individuals, but it's a great team-building experience as well. We can work with each company to help personalize your experience.

>> Contact Executive Director Becket Moore to learn more about the opportunities available for your business.

Faith Sponsorship

By sponsoring a home in Williamson County, you are literally putting your faith into action! Your church's impact goes beyond the homeowner, spreading throughout the entire community.

Our affiliate gives 10% of our unrestricted donations to help fund Habitat's international building. For every home we build in Williamson County, we build one in Mozambique. HIV has taken the lives of many middle-aged citizens in this African country, leaving siblings to raise the family in many cases. 

>> Contact Executive Director Becket Moore bmoore to learn more about the opportunities available for your church.

Individual or Family Sponsorship

Sponsorships are not limited to just large organizations. Many individuals or families also wish to sponsor a home. Sponsoring a home provides a tangible opportunity to live out your faith and help a neighbor build a new life for their family. If this is your desire, we will partner you with a Habitat family to work alongside in building a home.

>> Contact Executive Director Becket Moore to learn more about the opportunities available for you or your family.